Finally! My biggest thanks to my husband and family for letting me get this Friday’s comic done! Hooray!!!! I am so sorry to everyone for being late, but, hey, better late than never, eh?

I got completely hung up on the first panel because I could not visualize what the panel would look like. Usually, I have a an idea, even if it is vague, of what a panel should look like. I had nothing for panel one. I should have moved on and worked on the rest of the comic, but I was stubborn and insisted upon being stuck on panel one. I finally sat down and blocked out what I thought panel one should be and promptly got stuck on panel two. *rolling eyes* It has been a rough week for the comic. One would think that it would be easier since we are into the written part of the story. But, it is done! Hooray, hooray!

In response to Javadawn’s comment, will the drawings that I do for the secondary characters go into the comic? Well, this week, the one I did for Indigo fit so nicely into the comic this week that I decided to go ahead and use it. The drawing I did for Tarhia will definitely go into the comic as it is drawn. For others, such as Mythra, Argoyle and Nick, I have an idea in my head of how I want that particular character to look and try to translate it to my paper. So, I guess it depends upon the character of whether or not it will go into the comic exactly how I introduced them on my blog. Was that clear as mud or did I just confuse everyone further? I think I myself was getting confused!!

Thank you to those who remembered to wish me a happy birthday! I thought that it was very sweet that so many people on line remembered when my birthday was this year. I have warm, fuzzy feelings inside just thinking about all of the good friends I have. I had a lovely birthday! It is actually part of why I am so late getting the comic done. I took yesterday off and did absolutely nothing productive!