Whew! As of this morning, I had one panel partially drawn for the comic. While I realize that I had said that I had a quarter of the comic done on Wednesday, I took a really hard look at that drawing and decided that it was lacking. So, I went back to the drawing board, did some more research and filled in what was missing. Then, I cracked down on the other panels. At one point, I was saying to myself that if I did not have the comic done, I would post one of the panels today with my apologies and work on getting the comic up either tomorrow or next Wednesday. If any of you ever decide to do a comic, I do not recommend leaving nearly the entire comic until a couple of hours before deadline! Yes, I do give myself a deadline! I have a goal of getting the comic up on Friday’s by 4pm EST.

I am glad that I did not have to do more trees today! While I was pleasantly surprised that I am better than what I thought I was at doing trees and forest settings, they were getting annoying! Trying to make them all look different was getting to be a challenge and there are only so many trees around my house to draw inspiration from! Lol!

Number of Photoshop crashes: Only 1! W00t!

I will not be posting a picture this Monday, May 29th, the reason being that my son’s birthday is tomorrow and mine is in six days, the families decide to combine our parties and have a big memorial day birthday bash at my mother-in-law’s house. I don’t even have to plan the party! Woohoo!! So, everyone have a great weekend and a great Memorial Day! See everyone on Wednesday!

P.S. Can anyone catch my mistake in the comic? Hee hee hee!!!

Also, did you know that you can Google 'The Quest to Find Blueentity' and it will bring you to the site? Wow!