This one was aggravating and fun to do all at the same time. The picture of Spam here has been redone at least three times, and the picture of Purplefire looking back was redone several times as well. I could not get Spam’s face right and I could not get Purplefire’s lower body correct either. Humans! They are so difficult to capture in motion!

Thus ends what I have affectionately called the prologue of the story. Next Friday, we get to the actual story that I have had written for months now. It should be fun!

Number of program crashes that occurred while putting together this week’s comic: 1 total system crash and reboot. The entire computer locked up. Thank goodness that I had listened to a small still voice just moments before and had saved my progress!

Sorry the comic is late today; I just now got back home. I left this morning for a meeting at 9, then returned for a brief bite to eat and then, my mother-in-law asked if I wanted to go garage sale hopping. It sounded like a lot of fun, so we spontaneously packed up my kids, grabbed some cash and spare change (if the kids found something) and took off. It was glorious! I think we hit about ten garage sales today. I found an American Girl game that is not even sold any more (w00t!), a lovely shirt for a dollar, and my kids got several toys. The purchase that is cracking me up the most is the chicken Mcnugget Happy Meal toy that my daughter found and has yet to put down! These garage sales had stuffed animals, baby dolls, pillows, cars, action figures and games, and all my daughter wanted was an old Happy Meal toy. lol….

P.S. I still have plenty of donuts! Come, have some virtual donuts as you enjoy the comic!