Well, it has started. I am feeling a tad bit overwhelmed right now, since I am now committed to doing this whole thing! I have the second page blocked out and a quarter drawn, so I have my work cut out for me now. Please, leave feedback as to how you like the layout and storyline. If the comic is too wide or too lengthy, please also comment on that. I feel like I am stumbling about in the dark while I try to do this!

On to other things: The children are going away to Grandma’s house this weekend! Yea! My hubbie and I will get some time alone with just the two of us! Hooray! I think that the last time we had time to just ourselves was, I can not remember, but it has been awhile. Lately, when we have sent our kids off for an overnight, we have been doing something with the youth group, so this weekend will be a nice relaxing time with absolutely no children!

P.S. This is now the third try for loading up the comic. My appologies for the size. I will try and get the size down for the next comic.

Yea!! My hubby came and fixed the image! Now it is at a much more readable size! Hooray! Thank you, honey!!!